You Got Out

Who am I?


If you must know who’s running this site, you can call me Poppy (she/her). I’m a 20-something living out in California with my girlfriend and two roommates because it is nearly impossible to rent a place otherwise. I have a BA in Humanities with a specialization in Mythology, and it’s served me so well that I work full-time as a customer service rep for some crappy New Age shop on main street. I’m also a Pisces and ENFJ if you’re into that kind of thing.

As I said on the onboarding page, I’m making this page out of respect for my late dad.

He and I never really saw eye to eye because he was a weirdo (said with positive feelings), and I was/am headstrong (among other stuff I won’t get into). He kept to himself, I kept to myself, and that was that. I thought the biggest reveal after his death would be that I was adopted (which I am and I’ve known this since I was at least 10), but apparently I was stupidly wrong.

I can’t vouch for the validity of anything I will be uploading, because I really don’t know where his headspace was when he disappeared back in 2016. I thought he was sane despite his quirks, but looking through these pages and how old some of them are, there’s no way for me to reach any kind of conclusion on the matter. Though, to be honest, no sane man gets up in the middle of the night and walks out into the wilderness to never come back.

Maybe these events really did happen, and maybe they didn’t. Maybe he was delusional, or maybe he did live through some of the most extraordinary fucking nonsense in human history. I dunno, I wasn’t alive during most of this time period.


  • Entry uploads will not be chronological. I work full time and who knows how my energy level will be on certain days. Like, I’ll TRY to keep it streamlined, but no promises.
  • Uploads will not be consistent, but I will TRY to stay on top of it.
  • Some uploads will come with corrections. I will make sure to highlight when I’ve done so. English was not Dad’s first language, and while he got better with time, the whole point is to make his “work” accessible.
  • I will not be making changes to the names of people or locations in these pages.
  • Whatever views may be expressed in these pages are not necessarily shared by me. These pages span from the early 1980s to the late 2000s and were written by a man born in the 50s.
  • I will try to make a comment box type deal at a later date in case anyone has any leads they might feel at liberty to share.